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Contraste / Contrast / Codarsnacht/ Kontras / לעומת זאת / Αντίθετα / Kontrast / Адрозненне / کنتراست / Отличие / تباين


Small, fast and raucous are the waves raised by thousands of drops of water falling in front of me during the heavy summer rains.
The curtain of water formed by strange gusts, seem to cut the tight parking lot, where my house was built, while tens of veins of water are formed on the floor, running and making it rich in designs like a large swamp.
The environment, refreshed by wind currents that enter the windows, seems to be silent and just like the bubbling of the rain remains.
Here my mind wanders and gets rid of words that seem to make vivid impressions on paper all those that material world.

Black Box

Deep in my soul there is something, something dark, a dark piece of my spirit, a small black hole, a hidden mystery.
There, protected from the weather, immune to light and unreachable even by death, are small symbols, figures that represent guarding and concealing the truth about what we now call "I".
I am very curious about how, when and why it was formed .... will remain a mystery as I live, and maybe even in future lives, if they exist.
Here words fail me, symbols, interpretations, and data terms to conceptualize that I call "my little black box. "

Gilberto Sendtko and
Cinara Burckardt

Words are not everything!

There are things that words can not describe, things that the mouth can not express, among them are those such as the gratitude that you make me so happy that year 2010, this love for you that only the beating of my heart can describe, joys with you that only dreams can now show me, but I'm sure that very soon will be true, after all we know that your little heart is already mine:)
Thanks for all the moments of happiness, all smiles, for all the support and all the love you have given me.
Girl, you definitely is not of this world, only after you put up with me :D end is forever ;D ahshsahshas
Thanks again.


Sometimes I find myself lost between emotions and strange sensations, and travel between messages between iluções and memories ... deep deep down I know what is real, which may be real, and I know what is more important than reality.

Sometimes lost in illusions, I wonder if I want to return to the world called Earth, and always end up here in this tight and dense matter, because I know that true happiness is here, and among those that I love so much.

I do not deny the existence of a full happiness in a stronghold of the universe, by our great father, but I say that human happiness for hours already very satisfying.


When the mind is empty, when nothing is happening in their thoughts, when simple images without form, seem to wander through your eyes, like strange symbols without content or meaning, when nothing is done from the thought,
and when nothing is experienced, not having any results available, when this trio (action, hypothesis, experimentation) is disconnected, numb, no way, no content, no color, no structure ... in those moments I seem to be lost between worlds and worlds in parallel things, with minds that are not to my mind, like now ...
Author: Gilberto Sendtko
Spell: Leticia Fabrini

Who am I?

These are questions that I always do:
Who am I?
Why am I me?
But the truth is that deep down this is not important, never had and perhaps never to be... but this is so for me, because as each one is its uniqueness. 


God gives us four coins and each coin has two sides, and these are facesthat define our lives. Three of these coins belong to the destination, onerepresents the truth, another look and finally the inevitable, all belonging to adestination approved, but variable, and finally have the face of free agency.We choose which currencies will be played, we who define whether they areplayed, or if the game happens. The risk that coremos not define the chanceto exist, co-existing but ourselves. Are you choose what you want to live and the risk they want to take on such a choice, to choose or have coins thrownthe fate of an unknown destination.


Beautiful is the ignorance, because it gives us strength and ground. When we open the eyes of the spirit beyond the knowledge ignorant, we lost, because the addition is infinite, without certainty and results, and the balance is chaos divine, incomprehensible to the human mind. I do not know how far that freedom is worth it, because that much is lost ourselves. Of course this is a big step for existence, but what is the result of such action? I am far from understanding the answers. I know now I'm more than once, but I am nothing for those who dropped out of ignorance in the past. I can not bring them because it would condemn them to the same pains, but I can not support them in their seas and worlds of pre-formulated truths which, to my heart are still very significant because it is where I founded the structures of my being, letting me after breaking his chains and beyond into the unknown and incomprehensible power of wisdom.